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Mentality as the basis for effectivity

Creating success as an individual as well as a team is not a matter of simply following a roadmap. It’s your mentality that can make the difference. Younited guides you on your way to develop that mentality. By creating a sharp view on your thoughts, habits, feelings and the impact of those elements on your behaviour.

Vision & Mission

Cooperation will only succeed when your mentality is adapted to that. How do you look at your world and what influence does your perception have on your behaviour? We believe that’s the real question to make cooperation work. That starts with you as a person and simultaneously effects the efficiency of your team or organization.


We want you to be conscious of the effects of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs on yourself and your environment. We want to help you to look those elements straight in the eye, to focus on the right part of it and to discover where you can grow. Be brave enough to persevere, but also to let go. That’s the key to personal success and success as a team or organization.

Core values

We work with and for people. Only people can make a difference. That’s why the South African philosophy Ubuntu is our starting point. This philosophy starts with recognizing and embracing humanity, equality in “being human” and the value of each and every person.

Being professional is essential for us. We are always aiming for the best results and we will abide by that commitment. But we also require a steady and professional attitude from you in the transition. It’s always about human beings, but also always about reaching the desired effect.

Understandable & Clear
We are straightforward about the situation and what’s needed to get the issue solved. Generally, that’s confronting. It’s our strength to deliver that message to you in a way which is disarming and, if possible, with a fair sense of humor. Pleasant cooperation, maximal results!

We handle transitions thoroughly. We prefer to act and to get things in motion instead of only talking and writing. Each individual and each organization is different, so being flexible is also one of our trademarks. In the end, the results are important and less how to get there.

Yvonne van Oosten

Yvonne van Oosten is an experienced professional in change processes and broadly educated in development from a psychological-, personality- and leadership perspective. Younited reflects all of her knowledge, experience and her mentality of creating change thoroughly. Yvonne strongly believes in personal development by getting to know yourself in the most honest and often confronting way, in order to improve from that point on. The moment you are limited by your feelings, thoughts or beliefs, Yvonne is most acute and turns you into action mode. As an individual but also as part of a team. As exciting that process is, so is Yvonne’s way of working as well. Meeting Yvonne equals meeting lots of energy, an impressive amount of boldness and a cheerful, ambitious business lady.

Do you have the courage to put your cards on the table and go for profit?

Our offer

Interventions (individual/ groupwise)

We will help you with an objective and sharp view in order to find that way forward again. As an individual, team or as an organization.


Conflict resolvement 

Sometimes, together you’re stuck in a process. For several different reasons, a professional from outside your organization can be helpful. Together we will find a sustainable solution, always with a human approach.

Leadership development

Key in effective cooperation is managing it. Strong leaders create strong teams. We let you experience how real leadership looks like as well as the road to get there.


Approach interventions


For us, getting to know each other is an essential first step before starting the project. What’s your exact question and how do you see possible steps towards a solution? And above all: can we combine our mutual expectations and are we the right party in order to get you the next level?


A short but solid survey is always the start of our process. Several interviews will give us the right input to interpret the (outlined) problem.


We will make a crystal clear analysis of the outcome of the interviews. We will point out the intended result and design the program which is needed to get there.

individual and/or team sessions

Depending on the program we organize individual and/or group sessions. All tailor made, so it perfectly fits you and your organization.


Reaching your goals often means new questions will rise. After our program it might be helpful to plan a follow up session or to start a coaching program.

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In the past years, Younited built up a broad spectrum in clients. Often it’s about executive boards and management teams of large (international) companies who came across questions regarding their cooperation and the related results. In terms of handling conflict situations and personal coaching, Younited often plays a role as well.